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Be My Social is a Humana Ltd Brand.

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Copy Creation

Copy & Content Creation

Google is constantly crawling across the internet to find valuable, well written and engaging content. With our help, you’ll be firmly on their radar when they consider what to show their users next.

We’re here to create wonderful long-form copy, or short, concise lines that will convey everything you need in the required format.

Digital Writing

To ensure your posts look impeccable, we use a combination of premium stock photography, custom made graphics or assets provided by the client.

We create schedules of posts in advance, so you can provide feedback on copy creation and have ultimate control over what gets posted to your social accounts.

Video Posts

Video is proven to achieve the most engagement on social and we can create amazing social videos using an extensive database of high definition stock videography.

Optimal Timing

Using our expert software we can determine the optimal time for your posts to go live, ensuring maximum engagement.

Physical Writing

Your customers appreciate a quick, helpful response when they reach out. Your potential customers look for this when they’re ready to buy. Your professionalism, response time and consistency in responding to customers are all factors that can help or hinder your growth.

We’ll reach out and engage with key people who can create excitement and interest around your brand. Depending on your offering, this could be a huge way to increase interest in what your company has to give.

With consistent responsive engagement comes growth. We’ll develop an audience of brand advocates that are ready to help with your marketing objectives.

Other Spaces

Want to know who is engaging with your social presence? We provide a monthly demographic breakdown for each profile.

We’ll show you which posts have performed best over the month, broken down by impressions, engagement percentage and clicks.

We can provide you with the high-level facts that show how our combined efforts are working to improve social engagement.


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